How to Request Assistance For Your Client


      • Service Requests must be submitted by social workers, psychologists, court officers, or other qualified professionals who know the child and can attest to the need and benefit that will result from our assistance.
      • Requests can be made on behalf of any child who is age birth through 21 living in Lake County, IL.
      • We meet needs which are time-limited and cannot be met from other sources.

Service Request Forms and Guidelines

Click to View or Download a PDF of our Service Request Guidelines:   MTF Service Request Guidelines 

If you are a social service professional and would like to obtain a Service Request Form to request assistance for your clients, phone our office at 847-482-9189 and speak with Karla Patlovich, Service Manager, or email her at [email protected]


*Please indicate if the family has been helped by Mothers Trust in the past year and provide details to explain why another request is being made.